70% 2'-oxybis[N,N-dimethyl-Ethanamine...
Tetramethyl, propylene diamine
Olefin extraction solvent
Epoxy curing agent-amine ether YT60
9-(3'-three-bromophenyl) carbazole
9-(2'-bromophenyl) carbazole

Since the establishment, YUTIAN has bee always devoting itself to the production,study and development of organic chemical intermediate and polyurethane catalyst. After the unceasing innovation and development, our company now has reached the production scale of 500 tons organic chemical intermediate and 2500 tons polyurethane catalyst annually. All products of our company have got the ISO9002 International Quality System Certificate. We will take the fine tradition to provide the stable products with high quality and sincere service to the customers

Our polyurethane catalyst has complete variety. We have the series varieties which are suitable for various fields of polyurethane, such as soft, moulded, fast-bounding, slow-bounding semi-hard and hard products, and trimer, shoe materials, adhesive, and polyester polybasic alcohol foam system amine catalyst, thus making a contribution to the progress of polyurethane industry in China.

Besides of the constant active improvement of production, technology and marketing, YUTIAN also invests greatly in the development of science and technology for continuous renewing the technology and offering the up-to-date products so as to meet the requirement of fast-developing polyurethane industry and customers’ demand for products

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